Monday, July 12, 2010

Ross Irving's 100 Draw Themes (Weeaboos Beware)

1. Good Morning
2. Jump
3. Slapstick
4. Tumble
5. Balancing
6. Robot
7. Armor
8. School
9. Reading
10. Crash
11. Climbing
12. Heights
13. Architecture
14. Eating
15. Too Goddamn Dark
16. Too Fucking Bright
17. Stretch
18. Social Experiment
19. Sight Gag
20. Liar
21. Baroque
22. Cubist
23. Laughing at Someone who Doesn’t Deserve to be Laughed At
24. Woods
25. Two Characters Dancing Together
26. Stealing
27. A Minor and an Adult Having an Affair of Some Sort
28. A Page of Still-Life Drawing
29. Textures
30. Racism
31. Hi Mom
33. Suicide
34. Sex
35. Skeleton
36. Having a Secret Relationship Exposed in Front of a Crowd
37. A String of Curses Directed at Someone
38. Social Exclusion
39. Manga/Anime
40. Too Many Pop Culture References
41. Being Childish
42. (Read a book or poem, illustrate a scene from the book)
43. Whining, Moaning, Belly-aching and Complaining
44. Making an Offensive Gesture
45. Crybaby
46. Too Fat
47. Misanthropy
48. Killing Things Smaller than You
49. Orgasm

50. Huge Cave
51. Ice-Cream Truck
52. Muscles
53. Someone being a Douchebag
54. Disgusted
55. Dumbass
56. Spelling
57. But it’s Tradition
58. Doing Drugs
59. LOUD
60. Teacher Losing Patience with “Special Ed” Students
61. Idol Worship
62. Blasphemy
63. Gender Change
64. Brown-Noser
65. Remembering a Loved One
66. King
67. Strange Toys
68. Clouds
69. Homosexuality
70. An Animal Doing Something Stupid/Odd/Cute/Whatever
71. This Weather Sucks
72. Surrealism
73. Shut The Fuck Up
74. Wow, It’s Quiet
75. Hands
76. Feet
77. Ugly Person
78. Rape
79. Worldwide
80. Culture Shock
81. War
82. Tickle Tickle Tickle
83. A Huge Fucking Explosion
84. Wow, That’s Fast!
85. Impersonation
86. Hero’s Parade
87. Want Want Want!
88. Unique Form of Transportation
89. Speech Bubble
90. Missed It By That Much
91. Singing
92. Chase
93. Really, Really Deep in the Ocean
94. Collage
95. Dream World
96. Rising
97. Space
98. Deity
99. Good Night
100. Free Space

To really get the most out of this list, interpret it upon how you first read the theme. No need to ask me “Hey, would this fall under ____,” just draw it. Also, I wouldn’t draw fan art for this. If you can, be entirely original. You can use your own creations or characters of course, but I would try and use many different characters, make some up in the process, of course.

The list is unusual, but I wanted to cover everything, including touchy subjects. This is about expanding your horizons, hopefully in your use of mediums and the way you approach certain things as well as subject matter, so I hope that the list does not make you feel limited in any way. I believe that artists should be completely desensitized to anything that may come their way; they must lose all innocence if they wish to truly express themselves without the fear of inhibiting themselves, or being suppressed by others, or, maybe in some countries, the possibility of getting into trouble just for drawing some of the subject matter if you got caught with it. Artistic freedom, that includes dancing and music and singing and poetry and writing and any other form of expression, is the greatest, most potentially individual and harmless freedom humankind has synthesized yet.